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SKJALDBORG™ builds specialized firearms and provides practical accessories for law enforcement, military and responsible armed citizens. Our work focuses on practicality and comfort to conform to human physiology and biomechanics to improve economy of motion. We believe the quest for mastery is unending. Therefore, we adapt ourselves and our equipment as technologies, motivations, and circumstances change.

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How we started


SKJALDBORG™ was founded by public safety professionals (law enforcement and first responders). Our purpose has always been to improve ourselves and our own equipment to make ourselves better thinkers and shooters. We only sell products that exceed our high standards.

SKJALDBORG™ operates under MIDGARD International, LLC.

How we started


Skjaldborg (skYAHLD-borg) is Old Norse for “shield wall” (skjald or skjold: shield, borg: wall). When Norse warriors fought, they arranged themselves in a tight formation with their shields overlapping, resembling a wall. As long as the formation was held, the skjaldborg was nigh impregnable. The skjaldborg was strikingly similar to the Greek phalanx formation.

How we started

Rally cry

Lάttu grön sίa! (LAHT-too GROHN SEE-ah) This rally cry serves as a reminder of our mortality, that we might face death without fear. Likewise, it reminds us that complacency will lead to our demise. As such, we must always be diligent in all our duties, especially our training. See VOLSUNGAHEIM DISAMBIGUATION below to learn where our rally cry originated.

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Harry Marshall


Jack Douglas

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